List of Suggested USA Pickleball Rule Changes for 2023

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 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
202311.M.570Elimination of Shots around the net postFailedFailed. An ATP, along with the frequent defense of an ATP, are some of the most exciting shots in pickleball. The team who has to defend an ATP has often made strategic errors that set up the ATP for the opponent. Why should their opponent be restricted from making a great shot at that point?View Details
202310.D539Equipment Time-OutsPassedPassed.View Details
202312.F.6.a325Forfeit game scores for 3/5 matchesPassedPassed. This edit was overlooked when 3/5 matches were allowedView Details
20235.A.1 (or new rule)582Game Ball SelectionFailedFailed: Game ball selection is adequately covered in the referee handbook.View Details
2023The Players Section on Page 1521Guidance on clothing colorPassedPassed. This doesn't add any additional punative result. This just clarifies that the Tournament Director can choose to request apparel changes due to the clothing matching the ball color. It also suggests to players that they should not intentionally choose clothing that is the same color as the tournament ball.View Details
202313. G.1.g488Head Referee called then declinedFailedFailed. Proposal was too broad and overreaching. Proposal did not address all scenarios.View Details
2023None275Head TargetingFailedFailed. This is part of the game. Wear protection. Difficult to enforce.View Details
20233.A.15326Hinder is not a noun and does not fit the definition in 3.A.15.FailedFailed. Technically this is grammatically correct, but there is no desire to attempt to change it.View Details
20234B10404Incorrect player or positionFailedFailed. 1) We'd be asking every single match to change the end of match procedure ( requiring all teams to sign the scoresheet) for a relatively rare occurrence. 2) This drastically reduces the amount of time that they identify an out of position error. 3) We don't want a referee error to substantially affect the outcome of the match 4) If passed, the change about referees correcting players out of position would address this.View Details
2023N/A367Indoor Ceiling heightFailed1) Where did 39 feet come from. 2) This is just recommendation, what happens if you can't meet it? 3) Rules out a lot of existing venues. 4) Failed. Recommended height (19ft) is already recommended in the USAP construction manual.View Details
202313.4.H518Late forfeited team also forfeits their chance at the coin toss/fair method.FailedFailed. This adds an additional penatly to the team that has already lost the first game. That is not necessary.View Details
20236.D.8219Line call editorial changePassedPassed. Editorial changeView Details
20236.d.9281Line Call RulesFailedFailed. The committed felt that this already an option for playersView Details
2023Rule 9C283Modification of Rule 9CFailedFailed. No. This an integral part of the game.View Details
2023Unknown369One-handed pre-spin servesFailedFailed: Replaced by rule suggestion 524View Details
20234.J. Calling the Score in Doubles Matches.291Ordinals to Report ServerFailedFailed. We don't want to change rules for millions of existing players to accommodate new players. Beginners will eventually learn the specifics. Many players use 0-0-Start even today, with no consequence.View Details
20236.D.11.561Out balls-partner communicationFailedFailed. Reason same as 277.View Details
202311.H and 11.O346Paddle possessionFailedFailed. Unnecessary as it is already covered by other rulesView Details
202311.N495Paddle Use/CarryFailedFailed. Proposal will be addressed in the casebook.View Details
20234.B.7569Partner PositionsFailedFailed. This is not perceived to be a problem that needs a rule change to solve. Referees or players would not immediately call the score in this situation because the player is not seen to be ready.View Details
20234.A.2514Placement for mini-singlesFailedFailed. The mini singles information is already presented on the USAP website. There are other aspects of MS that would also need to be codified in the rulebook. So, this rule suggestion, as written, is not complete. The intent to create a more complete rule change suggestion for the 2024 rulebook.View Details
202311.I.1434Plane of the Net exceptionFailedFailed. Keeping the current wording would help clarify situations when this event does occur.View Details
20237.H and 7.I347Player hit by ballPassedPassed. Editorial changeView Details
20232.B.4. Service Court438Proposed 2023 Service Court Rule ChangeFailedFailed. Changing this rule would make the NVZ line become inconsistent as it would be part of the NVZ at certain times and not part of the NVZ at others.View Details
202311.K491Proposed changes regarding net post support structuresFailedFailed. Too many scenarios where the result would be a fault, replay or let the rally standView Details
 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry