List of Suggested USA Pickleball Rule Changes for 2023

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 Rule Book Year Existing Rule # Rule Change ID Rule Submission Title USAP Board Voting Status USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusLink to Single Entry
20234B273Alternate Serve / ScoringFailedFailed. Confusing proposal. Another rally scoring suggestion will be reviewedView Details
20234.M502Single Toss ServeFailedFailed. We do not want to limit the number of serve attempts. Note that the spin serve will now be illegal.View Details
20234.K.386Wrong Score CalledFailedFailed: Reason: Move scenarios from the change document to the casebook.View Details
20234.K550Wrong Score CalledFailedFailed. See the approved changed under 544.View Details
20234.K544Wrong score calledPassedView Details
20234.J. Calling the Score in Doubles Matches.291Ordinals to Report ServerFailedFailed. We don't want to change rules for millions of existing players to accommodate new players. Beginners will eventually learn the specifics. Many players use 0-0-Start even today, with no consequence.View Details
20234.B.8.392Confirming correct score, server/receiver, positionFailedFailed. 1) Not necessary 2) We have heard of only 1 incident where this has been an issue 3) Sportsmanship issues are covered at the section 1, not in the specific rulesView Details
20234.B.8, 4.B.9581Questions About Service Sequence and Player PositionsPassedPartially approved. The 4.B.8 proposed wording is approved. The 4.B.9 proposed wording has failed. That proposed is unnecessarily wordy. There is not a perceived issue with dealling with these scenarios currently. Referees currently allow a stoppage of play when a player CORRECTLY identifies a player out of position or an incorrect server.View Details
20234.B.8371Remove Correct Receiver questionFailedFailed: This will be addressed in the handbook/casebook, allowing the referee to answer the position question when asked about the correct receiver.View Details
20234.B.7569Partner PositionsFailedFailed. This is not perceived to be a problem that needs a rule change to solve. Referees or players would not immediately call the score in this situation because the player is not seen to be ready.View Details
20234.B.6.b517Clean up wording of 4.B.6.B to properly differentiate among Starting Server and First Server and correct positionsFailedFailed. Although this may be marginally better wording, this is not a rule change. Most of the issues with people not understanding the rule result in having a discussion to help them understand the concept involved in the rule. The proposed change won't drastically reduce the potential confusion.View Details
20234.B, 4.D, 4.M, 4.N536Eliminating Out of Position Faults and Minimizing Incorrect Score Call OccurencesFailedFailed. Part 1) Change referee score calling process: Failed. Too cumbersome Part 2) Allow the referee to change player positions: Failed. This is part of the mental game. Players may ask questions to help them not fault. It would be referee coaching. Part 3) Allow a good faith rally to stand. Failed. This would allow an incorrectly formatted rally ( server/receiver) to stand. The error would be a fault if the referee caught it, but not if they didnt? Part 4) Non - officiated match score calling procedure. Failed. Reason: The server is supposed to wait until the receiver is ready. Receivers have clear not-ready signals to slow down quick servers, if they get caught by one. Receivers can claim non-readiness.View Details
20234.A.6.b.399Drop Serve - no propelling down, tossing up, or spinning the ballPassed"Passed with edits . 1) Approved primarily for consistency with the volley serve change that prevents one handed spin serve Use similar language about spin as in 524."View Details
20234.A.5; 4.A.6334Replay Instead of Fault for Service Motion ViolationPassedPassed:View Details
20234.A.5524Eliminating the spin servePassed"Passed. 1) Original purpose was to just use the serve to get a begin play 2) Most players cannot master a truly effective spin serve, or return a good spin serve 3) Effective spin serves require more court space to allow a receiver to react. 4) Only a limited number of players have mastered this, giving them an unfair advantage 5) It is particularly devastating for amateur players Edit: replace 'reserve' with 'replay'"View Details
20234.A.4.c295Service foot fault wordingPassedPassed. Edited to use 'playing surface' instead of 'court'. Use extension, not extensionsView Details
20234.A.4428Volley Serving rule to discard pleaseFailedFailed. 1) We would want to see some type of study about the potential impact of allowing the paddle head to be above the wrist. 2) We have no evidence of how players might take advantage of removing this restriction. 3) Removing it would not significantly make a referee's job easier when trying to identify an invalid serveView Details
20234.A.2514Placement for mini-singlesFailedFailed. The mini singles information is already presented on the USAP website. There are other aspects of MS that would also need to be codified in the rulebook. So, this rule suggestion, as written, is not complete. The intent to create a more complete rule change suggestion for the 2024 rulebook.View Details
20234.A.1.4964.A.1. The entire score must be called before the ball is served.FailedFailed. Reverts back to previous years when there was confusion about the service motion and serves.View Details
20234.A497Swing attempts on the serve.FailedFailed. A swing and a miss is not a fault. To obtrusive.View Details
20233.A.6.4053.A.6. DistractionFailedFailed. 1) Doesn't significantly improve the rule 2) The proposed rule is written from the perspective of a player, but a distraction is actually called by the referee.View Details
20233.A.34 & 4.A.5.a343Serve DefinitionPassedPassed Editorial changeView Details
20233.A.15326Hinder is not a noun and does not fit the definition in 3.A.15.FailedFailed. Technically this is grammatically correct, but there is no desire to attempt to change it.View Details
20233.A. 24485Change definition of permanent object to concur with proposed changes to rule 11K.FailedFailed. Too many scenarios where the result would be a fault, replay or let the rally standView Details
20232.G.4540Time-outs for apparel changesPassedPassedView Details
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