Rule Submission TitleRetirement match scoring
USAP Board Voting StatusApproved
USAP Rules Committee Voting StatusPass
IFP Voting StatusAverage: 8.6 Detail:5,7,10,10,8,10,10
Existing Rule #12.F.6.a
Proposed Rule Change

12.F.6.a. If a player or team elects the retirement option, all points scored will be retained.

Original Rule Text

12.F.6.a. 2 out of 3 Format: 11-0, 11-0
1 Game to 15 Format: 15-0
1 Game to 21 Format: 21-0

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

As currently outlined, there is no difference in the effect of a match forfeit and a match retirement other than the name. Players who forfeit a match should rightfully be penalized -- all points forfeited. However, players who are forced to, or choose to, retire from a match (usually due to injury) should be allowed to retain all points scored. This is especially critical for fairness in round robin events and if future player ratings are computed based on points scored.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID97
Date CreatedJune 23, 2021
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