Rule Submission TitleSeparate Live Ball/In Play definitions
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Existing Rule #3.A.19
Proposed Rule Change

Live Ball - The state of the ball during a rally, from when the serve occurs to when the ball is no longer in play (becomes dead).

In Play - The state of the ball from the start of the score call to when the ball becomes dead (is no longer in play).

Original Rule Text

3.A.19 Live Ball/In Play – The point in time when the referee or server (or server's partner per rule 4.D.2) starts to call the score.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Reason: There is a need for terms to describe the two different spans of time. Defining "live ball" as above would eliminate the need to make rule exceptions for touching, carrying, or double hitting the ball when preparing to serve.

Rule Book Year2022
Rule Change ID92
Date CreatedJune 23, 2021
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