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Rule Submission TitleClartifying that spectator line calls are not allowed
Existing Rule #6.C.4
Proposed Rule Change

6.C.4. Spectators shall should not be consulted on any line call.

Original Rule Text

6.C.4. Spectators should not be consulted on any line call.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

This makes clear, with no ambiguity, that there are sufficient techniques available to players themselves to resolve a line call...and eliminates an undesireable alternative  for those players who continue to seek (or spectators to offer) inputs because the rule only says says "should not".   Plenty of rec play is degraded when a person says "Well I know the rule says I should not ask a spectator for a line call, but there is no hard rule saying I can not"

The alternative wording prevents both soliciting or accepting spectator input.  (We all know that line calls get volunteered which is not helpful)

Likely, all usage of the word 'should' in the rulebook ought to be looked at to see if the particular rule(s) can survive being promoted to CAN NOT or MAY NOT.


Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Any game with spectators--and where a player still asks for an input--or one is volunteered by a spectator.  Rules can't often punish or dictate spectator behavior, but a rule can be firmed up prohibiting any influence from a spectator's input.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1850
Date CreatedMay 15, 2024
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