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Rule Submission TitleProposal for Rule Amendment: Prohibition of Blowing the Ball During a Rally
Existing Rule #N/A
Proposed Rule Change

One area of concern that has arisen is the practice of blowing on the ball during a rally. Especially when the ball is touching the net upper border, the player can blow the ball back to win the rally.

To address these concerns, it is proposed that the following new rule be added to the official pickleball rulebook:

Rule X.Y: Prohibition of Blowing on the Ball

  • X.Y.1: During a rally, players are prohibited from blowing on the ball to influence its movement.
  • X.Y.2: If a player is observed blowing on the ball during a rally, it will result in a fault.
Original Rule Text


Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

This is an unfair advantage by blowing the ball to change its movement, and undermines the spirit of sportsmanship. It is also harmful for health and hygiene.

Similar behavior is prohibited in the official badminton rule book.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Any scenarios during the rally is on.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1783
Date CreatedMay 14, 2024
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