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Rule Submission TitleEdit: No Volley Zone, not Non Volley zone
Existing Rule #This mistake appears 45 times in the rule book.  
Proposed Rule Change

"Non-volley zone" is incorrect and cumbersome, and may hinder efforts to call the kitchen something other than "the kitchen'.

Is there a non-parking zone?  No, it's a no parking zone.  I'd be happy to give 100 more examples.

This mistake appears 45 times in the rule book.

Original Rule Text

This mistake appears 45 times in the rule book.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Correct English, or at least better English.

Improve chances of players properly calling the kitchen the "no-volley zone" rather than "the kitchen'.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies


Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1776
Date CreatedMay 14, 2024
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