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Rule Submission TitleHitting above the shoulder (neck or head) is a Fault
Existing Rule #New
Proposed Rule Change

Hitting a player above the shoulder, so neck or head, whether intentional or not, is a fault on the striking player and they lose the point.  Three hits above the shoulder by the same player in the same game forfeits the game (or match in tournament play) for that team.  The only exception is if the ball clearly hit the top of the net and popped up.

Original Rule Text

New fault rule.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Pickleball is getting more and more aggressive, especially speedups from the kitchen.  It's getting closer to playing dodgeball.  I'm seeing people now intentionally going for an opponent tag when the only available area of the opponent is above their shoulders.  I think it's dangerous.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

Any scenario except when the ball hits the top of the net.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1774
Date CreatedMay 14, 2024
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