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Rule Submission TitleOpen Sanctioning Format
Existing Rule #12.A.
Proposed Rule Change

12.A.4. Open: An event that includes men, transgender men, women, transgender women and nonbinary players of any age.

Original Rule Text

No current allowance but would follow 12.A.3. as 12.A.4.

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

12.A. Event Categories contains a short list of approved sanctioning categories. In 2024, the USAP board approved a transgender policy along with Guidelines on Transgender Participation in USAP-Sanctioned Events. In those guidelines, there is a recommendation or consideration that encourages TDs to offer an "open" division. Specifically, is says:

3. Developing Eligibility Rules
c. USA Pickleball encourages you to consider an “open” category at your Events that
would include men, transgender men, women, transgender women and nonbinary
players. This is a way to be inclusive and allow everyone the chance to enjoy the fun
and benefits of playing Pickleball.

In order to be consistent with the recommendation, USAP should have an allowance for this format in the 2025 rulebook.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

As stated above, this is intended ensure the USAP rulebook and the USAP transgender guidelines are consistent.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1763
Date CreatedMay 13, 2024
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