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Rule Submission TitleOut Line Calls by Voice Only
Existing Rule #6.C.9
Proposed Rule Change

6.C.9  “Out” line calls must be verbal. In addition, players may also use an "out" hand signal. Players who cannot verbalize an out call must use an "out" hand signal.

Original Rule Text

6.c.9 “Out” line calls must be promptly signaled by voice
and/or hand signal (as described in Rule 13.E.2).

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

Allowing a player to only use hand signals when making out calls has caused many arguments on the courts. Many times, the referee is watching the NVZ and is not tracking the ball. It is imperative that a loud "out" call be clearly made by a player to avoid confusion and debate. Removal of the option for a player to use a hand signal, unless there is a physical impairment, will help decrease the arguments on the court.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

A player makes a loud "out" call to end a rally.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1739
Date CreatedMay 7, 2024
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