Rule Submission Title4.A.5 the serve
Existing Rule #4.A.5
Proposed Rule Change

Please List another exception on page 18 as "A player may impact a spin on a serve with the paddle directly"

Also in the tables on page 21 4A5 clarify "spin imparted" by changing the wording to "spin imparted to ball prior to serve" and add another line stating "spin imparted with paddle on serve"

Original Rule Text

"spin imparted" in the table on page 21

Reasoning Behind Suggested Change

It's very confusing if any sort of spin is allowed on a serve. Apparently from a clarification e-mail I received on 11/27/23 it is NOT ok to impart a spin prior to the ball being struck, but it IS ok to use the paddle to impart the spin on a serve.

There has been much chatter on this on the internet.

Scenarios In Which the Rules Applies

This would apply when a drop serve or a volley serve is performed.

Rule Book Year2025
Rule Change ID1453
Date CreatedMarch 16, 2024
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