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 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails
1776This mistake appears 45 times in the rule book.  Edit: No Volley Zone, not Non Volley zoneView Details
1535Rule 4.A.4.c.Update Server's Valid Foot Position DefinitionView Details
1789Not surePlay Strategy Style PickleballView Details
1436NoneUnnecessary RoughnessView Details
1716noneTournament Operations CorrectionsView Details
1769NonePaddle Hitting Surface DefinitionView Details
1341New rule 13.G.4Allow TD to assess VW/TW/TF for behavior between matches.View Details
1774NewHitting above the shoulder (neck or head) is a FaultView Details
1383n/aMandatory Eye ProtectionView Details
1686N/A4.L Service Foot FaultsView Details
1448n/aRemove NVZ violations when moving backwards for a LobView Details
1783N/AProposal for Rule Amendment: Prohibition of Blowing the Ball During a RallyView Details
1787n/aAdditional Time-Out Awarded at "Overtime"View Details
1751Appendix, Guiding Principles number 8Prevent a paddle from dominating the sportView Details
1362AllReformat Official RulebookView Details
17419.DRemoval of 9.D. which is in conflict with 9.BView Details
14569.c.1Eliminate 9.c.1 (touching NVZ even after ball is dead loses point) due to inconsistencyView Details
13849.B.1, 9.B.2., 9.HProposed Volley ChangeView Details
17968.A, 13. D.1.a, 13.D.1.dConfict between Rules 8.B and 13.D.1.a ......and Rule 13.D.1.dView Details
13617.L.Rule 7.L. CarryView Details
14757.I.Play StoppageView Details
18147.HIntentional handball or handleballView Details
18496.D.13, 13.D.3.bOveridding Official Line CallsView Details
17396.C.9Out Line Calls by Voice OnlyView Details
16566.C.8Line call appealsView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails