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 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails
17968.A, 13. D.1.a, 13.D.1.dConfict between Rules 8.B and 13.D.1.a ......and Rule 13.D.1.dView Details
179710.C, 11.P, 13.G, 13.G.1, 13.G.1.jCoachingView Details
17986.C.6Clarify 6.C.6 as applying to sideline and baselineView Details
18026.C.6Out Call Rule (6.C.6)View Details
15554.A.54.A.5 The ServeView Details
181112.C.4.aWithdrawals from round robin bracketsView Details
155810.B.5 and 10.H.2.cBlood and Foreign Substance ResponsibilitiesView Details
18147.HIntentional handball or handleballView Details
155911.NOne Paddle Rule ClarificationView Details
181613Professional Play Line Call and OverruleView Details
181712.O.3NVZ definition for mini-singlesView Details
156313.F.3Line Call AppealView Details
183313.D.1Sportsmanship in non-officiated matchesView Details
18344.NReturn of Serve must clear the NVZView Details
183613.D.1.a.13.D.1.a. Player calling fault on themselvesView Details
18374.N.4.N.3. Fault if serve return goes into the net or out of boundsView Details
183812.C.4Round-robin tie-breaker criteriaView Details
18394.C, 4.C.1, 4.C.2Not Ready SignalsView Details
18426.C.5.6.C.5. Requesting that Opponent make a line callView Details
18433.A.42.Starting Server IdentificationView Details
158911NRule 11.N One PaddleView Details
18454.B.9.aIncorrect Server and Receiver FaultsView Details
18496.D.13, 13.D.3.bOveridding Official Line CallsView Details
18506.C.4Clartifying that spectator line calls are not allowedView Details
134013.D.1.c and dWording on NVZ faults that can be called by an opponent.View Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails