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 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails
1448n/aRemove NVZ violations when moving backwards for a LobView Details
1436NoneUnnecessary RoughnessView Details
14336.C.11.Calls of "Out" can ONLY be used when a ball lands outside of the Playing Surface and ends the Point.View Details
143112.CLimit Each Game's Score Regardless of the Point Differential.View Details
14304.A.7.cClarify The Serve Contact Height with Defined HeightView Details
14294.B.3Proposal of Supporting Fixed Number of Serving SequenceView Details
14143.A.30Rally DefinitionView Details
14134.A.5Use Of One HandView Details
141211.IPlane Of The NetView Details
141013.G.3.c.13.G.3.c.View Details
13954.A.1, 3.A.20Remove fault for serving while score is calledView Details
13933.A.2 and 13.G.1.j.CoachingView Details
139113.D.1.bClarification of what play scenarios are included in "Line Calls"View Details
13874.A.7Eliminate The Volley ServeView Details
138613.D.1.c.Disagreement on Fault CallsView Details
13849.B.1, 9.B.2., 9.HProposed Volley ChangeView Details
1383n/aMandatory Eye ProtectionView Details
13823.A.19Resolve rulebook conflict on how to communcate a line callView Details
137911.ADouble HitsView Details
137211.I.Timing of Crossing the Plane of the NetView Details
137113.G.1.Order of Verbal Warnings and Technical WarningsView Details
13704.B.8.Challenge/confirm the called score before the serve occursView Details
136911.L.5.b.Deflecting net descriptionView Details
136813.D.1.c.Non-volley zone and service foot faults in non-officiated matchesView Details
13674.A.2.Correct Service CourtView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails