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 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails
9062.F.1.a.1.Player must play with approved paddle.View Details
896NoneOfficiating Team DefinitionView Details
89113.E.5Allow team to cede a rally after overruling a line judges call to their detriment if they felt the shot was a clear winner and they had no play on the ballView Details
8886.D.7Calling a ball out. Changing rule from passive to active voiceView Details
88713.C.4.dHave referee state the match format during the pre match briefing.View Details
8867.LRemove 'deliberately' from the wording of a carry fault.View Details
8844.LEditorial change for clarityView Details
8834.A.1, 4.M, and 7.FService Fault for not calling complete score.View Details
88213.C.2, 13.D.3.b, 13.E.5Incorrect cross references. Editorial change.View Details
8816.D.12Overriding your own line callView Details
8806.A, 6.B, 6.CLine call rule on serve. Editorial change for clarity.View Details
8794.B.7.Receiver partner position restrictionView Details
8787.NDropped BallView Details
87613.G.1.h.Wording for Medical Time-out Violation Assessment & TypoView Details
87512.FRETIREMENTS (subheading)View Details
8743.a.13.Include  "No-Show" as a reason for a forfeit.View Details
8724.A.7Make the drop serve the only valid serve type.View Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails