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 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails
1716noneTournament Operations CorrectionsView Details
16984.M.4 and 4.N.1Service and Receiver FaultsView Details
16926.C.12.6.C.12. rewordingView Details
169010.H.2.a.Referee Time-out for injury/medical reasons.View Details
168711. JDistraction Definition 11.JView Details
1686N/A4.L Service Foot FaultsView Details
16712.G.2.G. Apparel.View Details
16672.E.5.c.Allow Autographs on PaddlesView Details
166113.D.1.dHow Faults Calls other than Service Foot Faults “SFF” or NVZ Foot Faults are Handled during playView Details
16566.C.8Line call appealsView Details
16462.C.2Net postsView Details
16303.A.46.Expanded definition of Volley in Section 3View Details
16166.C.6.Clarification of 6.C.6. application to short servesView Details
16113.A.38.Eliminate Server definition confusionView Details
16103.A.31Eliminate Receiver definition confusionView Details
15993.A.3, 13.G.1.jA More Fair Approach to CoachingView Details
158911NRule 11.N One PaddleView Details
156313.F.3Line Call AppealView Details
155911.NOne Paddle Rule ClarificationView Details
155810.B.5 and 10.H.2.cBlood and Foreign Substance ResponsibilitiesView Details
15554.A.54.A.5 The ServeView Details
1535Rule 4.A.4.c.Update Server's Valid Foot Position DefinitionView Details
153313.D.1.aPlayers may call faults on their partnerView Details
15323.A.22.Include mini-singles in NVZ definition.View Details
15304.A.7.c.Eliminate "above the waist" from volley serve ruleView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails