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10228.CRule 8.C Clarification of Procedure when a Hinder is Called in Non-Officiated PlayView Details
10216.D.9Clarification of Rule 6.D.9. Out CallsView Details
102011.K and 11.LClarification of Net Post & Net Wire In/Out of Bounds (Rules 11.K and 11.L)View Details
101912.F. through 12.K.Renumber Headings and Sub-Headings in Section 12.F.View Details
101813.D.1.c. and 13.D1.d.Make 13.D.1.c. and 13.D1.d. consistentView Details
1017NoneCorrect Pro Player Positions Before the ServeView Details
10164.B.8Remove correct receiver as one of the allowed questions.View Details
10154.B.8Am I the correct receiver?View Details
100813.C.5.h. and 13.G.3.e.Issuing a Technical Penalty at the End of a Match.View Details
100410.B.2.bPlayer may use regular timeouts after a medical timeoutView Details
100013.5Clarify time limit for appeals to the refereeView Details
9917HRestrict hand contact with ball to incidental contact with hands contacting the paddle handleView Details
98510.A.5.Enforce the end of timeouts strictly.View Details
9846.D.12.6.D.12. Who on officiating team can a player overrule a line call to their own disadvantage.View Details
9827.GSafety: make entering an adjacent court an explicit faultView Details
971PreambleAllowed modifications for Pro-level matchesView Details
9704.A.8.bDrop Serve ClarificationView Details
9634.GBonus Points:View Details
9606.D.8Appeal to an opponent's partner when there is no refereeView Details
9546d5Appeal of rally ending shotView Details
9424.A.2Reinstate Let serveView Details
9413.A.183.A.18 Line CallView Details
9302E and 2G1Paddle Color in TournamentView Details
92513.G.1.j.Allow coachingView Details
9204.LPositioning during serveView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails