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1776This mistake appears 45 times in the rule book.  Edit: No Volley Zone, not Non Volley zoneView Details
17753.A.20Definition of Live BallView Details
1774NewHitting above the shoulder (neck or head) is a FaultView Details
1769NonePaddle Hitting Surface DefinitionView Details
17662.b.4Lines denoting Serving areaView Details
176312.A.Open Sanctioning FormatView Details
176112.C.4.Round-robin tie-breaker criteriaView Details
17603.A.14., 12.F.4. & 12.H.1.Definition of Forfeit / Removal of the modifier ‘rules-based’ as it relates to the word ‘Forfeit”View Details
1751Appendix, Guiding Principles number 8Prevent a paddle from dominating the sportView Details
17464.LReword 4.L for consistencyView Details
174413.D.1.*Move Section 13.D.1.x out of Section 13 ("Tournament Play") and INTO the main part of the rulebookView Details
174313.G.3.e.Assessment of Penalties at the End of a MatchView Details
17419.DRemoval of 9.D. which is in conflict with 9.BView Details
17396.C.9Out Line Calls by Voice OnlyView Details
17386.C.4Clarity for Application of 6.C.4View Details
17376.C.3Clarity for Line Call Appeals by PlayersView Details
17364.A.9Fault for Service Foot Fault ClarityView Details
17353.A.19Line Call Definition ClarityView Details
17343.A.21Change Momentum DefinitionView Details
173212.C.4Tie-Breaker ClarificationView Details
173012.dDraws and Seeding for Round RobinsView Details
172910.D and 10.H.2Eliminate Equipment Time-OutView Details
17263.A.19.Line CallView Details
17255.A.1.The Coin TossView Details
17204.A.9. 4.A.9.a TableServe Rules Apply Uniformly & 4.A.9.a wordingView Details
 ID Rule Rule Submission TitleDetails